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Wishes Flying!

February 19, 2012

Tonight around forty Transy students gathered together and celebrated the Chinese New Year by lighting Chinese sky lanterns in front of Old Morrison.

Chinese sky lanterns are also known as Kongming lanterns or Wish lanterns. They are made from oiled rice paper on a bamboo frame, with a fuel cell at the bottom of the lantern.

As the name suggests, this type of lanterns is designed to fly into the sky, carrying people’s good wishes. It is said that the sky lantern was invented by the Chinese sage and strategist in the Three Kingdom Period, Zhuge Liang, and served as spy blimps in wars. Later on, sky lanterns became popular among children during festivals, such as the Chinese Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. Sky lanterns gradually won popularity throughout countries in Asia and became a must for celebration. Nowadays, people write their wishes on lanterns and release them into the air after lighting them, in hopes of sending their wishes to the heavenly world.

We first were divided into groups of three or four, with each group having a Chinese lantern. We then wrote down our wishes on the lantern. I cannot tell you what I wrote on the lantern, because my wish won’t come true if I tell you what it is. Sorry… haha… Many groups went ahead of us and absolutely loved seeing their lanterns flying into the sky. My group was the last one who got to release the lantern because I was too distracted by seeing other lanterns flying. It was amazing to see lanterns flying into the sky, like shining stars in the vast, dark sky. I indeed LOVED this unique experience and concluded that we should have this celebration every week! Haha…

P.S. I want to send my special thanks to George Wu, Andrew Weinberger, and Junyan Fang, who putted a lot of effort into organizing this fabulous event! Thank you again, and we all loved it!


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